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MedDiet 1st Seminar was held at Golden Tulip Hotel Serenada in Hamra - Beirut

The first training session in Lebanon under Working Package n. 6 “Institutional capacity building for safeguarding the Mediterranean Diet” was celebrated by Prof. Pier Luigi Petrillo (Professor at Unitelma, La Sapienza University of Rome) on 9 & 9th of June in Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel in Beirut. The seminar has represented the beginning of a series of meetings targeted to 30 institutional representatives concerning existent and effective policies and measures for safeguarding and promoting traditional products and Mediterranean Diet following to the European model. 

Further workshops was also held by the Italian expert in Tunisia and Egypt Last May and a second and final seminar will take place to study in depth specific aspects related to Mediterranean Diet and traditional products with particular focus on the notion of Mediterranean Diet, the UNESCO recognition of the same, denominations of origin (PDOs, PGIs and TSGs), Food Safety and Gastronomic tourism.

The issues and insights discussed during the seminars will result crucial for the formulation of one of the main MedDiet final outputs. Actually, three Project Work proposals at national level (Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon) concerning a legal framework for promoting and safeguarding Mediterranean Diet will be formulated. Furthermore, it is expected the elaboration of a parallel proposal regarding the same purpose at Euro-Mediterranean level.

At the same time, n. 90 institutional representatives of southern partner countries will participate to 3 European study-visits starting in Kalamata (15th-20th of June 2014), continuing in Rome (7th-12th of September 2014) and then finishing  in Cordoba (28th of September – 3rd of October). These “on-site” activities will strengthen the theoretic notions and contents acquired during the seminars through a practical experience that deepens the national applications of the Mediterranean Diet safeguarding in Greece, Italy and Spain.

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