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Local Authorities

With the use of the MedDiet tools and the contribution of trained promoters from local authorities, 45 pilot projects have already been implemented involving 15.000 consumers. Each pilot project has been developed on one of the following specific objectives:

  • increase awareness on Mediterranean Diet
  • educate the local community about traditions
  • promote healthy values of the Mediterranen Diet
  • promote access to local food

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"the Mediterranean diet (from the Greek diaita, or way of life) encompasses more than just food. It promotes social interaction, since communal meals are the cornerstone of social customs and festive events. It has given rise to a considerable body of knowledge, songs, maxims, tales and legends" 
The Mediterranean Diet, recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity


MedDiet education activities
Thinking that Local Authorities are key players in stimulating the local economy and helping consumers to acquire knowledge, skills and aptitudes for greater adherence to the Mediterranean Diet, a Scientific Committee has designed useful Guidelines and supporting material. These tools allow staffs of local authorities to acquire knowledge and competences on how to implement initiatives promoting Mediterranean Diet in their territories.
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The Mediterranean diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating, including fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains, and limit unhealthy fats. Although this type of diet has been consumed for a long time around the Mediterranean, it only recently gained popularity as a good way to improve health and prevent disease.
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The traditional Mediterranean Diet can be a motor for sustainable and inclusive economic development in the mediterranean basin. Embrace value of Mediterranean Diet as a unique lifestyle and cultural model by signing the Declaration for Safeguard and Promotion of the Mediterranean Diet!
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